GPS Tracking Solutions
Transport & Delivery, School & Staff Carriers, Cash Vans, Waste Carriers and many more specialized operations...
GPS based Personal Car Security
Create a virtual Geo-lock for your parked car, when you are away, just by a single click. Get an alert if it moves out...
Increase your company's Sales Figures.
Use our Sales Lifecycle Automation Solution- WORQ,
Manage Leads more efficiently.
Improve efficiency of Sales Team.
Automate Sales Calls Scheduling & Reporting.
Integrate with Qubence GPS Fieldforce Tracking Solution.
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GPS Tracking

Qubence delivers end-to-end GPS Tracking Solutions for a wide range of vehicles- from Commercial Transport Fleet Management to Personal Cars and Two-wheelers Security System.

We also provide Personal Tracking Solution for efficiently managing your Fieldforce- Sales, Service & Delivery Team and also knowing whereabouts of Children.

Our advanced, best quality GPS Tracking Devices and Business specific MIS Reports & Alert Services assist you to bring down your logistics & transportation cost and enhance performance, productivity and optimize utilization of your Vehicles & Manpower.

Personal Car Track & Trace

Are you sure, your car is securely parked every time you walk away from it? Do you not have goosebumps sometimes when you park your expensive car in a public area, near office, market, gym, school or any such place? Even the best security system of your car may fail someday...

Qubence SpotOn brings to you our indigenously designed Virtual GeoShield system, which sends you an alert when your car leaves the place where you had parked it.

Just park your car, enable the GeoShield with a single tap or click and go to work without worry.

Peace of mind, when you need to focus elsewhere.

Sales Lifecycle Automation

If you run a sales-driven organization, try our Sales Lifecycle Automation Solution - WORQ, for improving efficiency of your sales team. It will assist you to do away with many legacy software or manual jobs for doing Lead Management, Sales Call Scheduling & Daily Activity Reporting by sales team. By integration with Qubence GPS Fieldforce Tracking Solution, the results can be amazing.

WORQ is easy to implement and cost effective- it is total value for your money. You get a transparent system at workplace with total control over events, so as to take quick decisions and actions in right time. Start getting tangible returns withing months.

WORQ is available for Training & Educational Institutions as well.

ISO 9001:2015

Qubence have been assessed by International Benchmarking & Certifications for compliance and is certified as an ISO 9001:2015 organization for delivering GPS based Tracking Solutions & Information Services.
Dealer Network

We invite you to join our team as a part of Qubence Authorized Dealer Network for GPS Tracking Solutions.

To join Qubence Authorized Dealer Network, you need to be in business, preferably in Electronic Security Systems, Automobile Sales & Service or Accessories Business, or if you run a Body Building & Fabrication unit for commercial vehicles, e.g., Trucks, Buses, Tempo Travellers, etc. or do any work that is relevant to our line of business.

We can also provide you a complete GPS Tracking Software Platform as a white-label solution in your brand's name.

Write to us now to initiate a discussion.

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