Our Mission

"We at Qubence, are not just another company. We think different. We act different. We believe in flexibility, trust & transparency.
We don't deliver Technology. We deliver pure value to our customers, that is tangible and real."


Qubence Technologies Private Limited was incorporated on 16th March, 2012, with a goal of providing Reliable & Highly Available GPS based Vehicle Tracking & Associated Business Information Services, to a large and untapped potential sector, which can act as enabler of their Business Process Transformation from an unorganized one to a highly transparent, real-time, on-demand, useful, actionable business information.

Our quest for quality GPS hardware has led us to vigorous testing against strict benchmarks. We use GPS units of only those manufacturers, which are made using latest GPS technology, use best GPS & communication modules, which are long lasting and give near-accurate GPS Locations.

Some of our GPS hardware suppliers are companies based out of Israel, where reasearch & development work done in GPS & Telecommunications Engineering is legendary.

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GPS based Vehicle Tracking
GPS based Personal Car Security
GPS based Personal Tracking & Child Tracking
WORQ- Software Solution for Sales Lifecycle Management
GPS Integration with RFID
GPS Integration with Sensors- TEMPERATURE, FUEL, DOOR
In-Vehicle Camera & Mobile DVR
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MANUFACTURING- Inbound & Outbound Logistics
COLD CHAIN- Refrigerated Vans
ENVIRONMENT- Solid Waste Management
CONSTRUCTION- RMC Trucks & Heavy Equipments
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BANKS- Secure Cash Vans
IT & BPO- Employee Transportation
Direct Sales, Delivery & Service Agencies
RETAIL- Personal Car Security & Child Tracker