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Qubence WORQ - Sales Lifecycle Automation Solution - Business Transparency on your desktop...

WORQ for Sales Lifecycle Automation- -

1) WORQ allows your inside sales team to receive & manage webleads and other leads and assign them more efficiently.
2) WORQ enables your field sales team to plan their activities- calls, meetings & presentations and share them with superiors in a transparent manner and also fill their Daily Activity Report and Daily Sales Report effortlessly from anywhere.
3) Real time check and Customizable MIS Reports for Sales Managers or Top Management.
4) Account, Lead & Opportunity Management.
5) Manage Proposals & Campaign.
6) Close Sales & Process Orders.
7) Communications Management.

WORQ for Educational Instutions-

1) Lead Management accross different branch or centres.
2) Communications Management.
3) Student Management.
4) Course, Batch & Curriculum Management.
5) Teacher Reporting.
6) Payment Management.
7) Clearance, NOC & Certificate Management.

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